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Egg Donation In Florida

Egg Donation In Florida


Egg Donation:

Since egg donation is so well protected here, Florida has become a frequent location for egg donation all over the world.

Florida law permitting and outlining the procedure for egg donation is described in Florida Statute 742.14.  This law provides that women may donate their eggs for reasonable compensation directly related to the donation. Once the eggs are donated, the donor relinquishes all maternal rights and obligations to the donated eggs and the resulting children. This statute also equally applies to sperm and embryo donations. No Court procedures are required.

All fees paid to the donor must be reasonable. Such recent concerns involving “egg auctions” may not be deemed as reasonable compensation here in Florida. By limiting the fees, the costs to the intended couples are also limited.

Once again, Florida is an excellent location for egg donation. Statutes protect all parties involved while keeping expenses to a minimum.


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