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Why Florida?

Why Florida?


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bulletSun and Much More...
bulletWhy Florida?
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Sun and Much More...

Florida has long been a great place for people looking for sun, warmth and relaxation. Now, Florida is also a wonderful, safe and successful location for couples that wish to expand their families through the procedures of surrogacy and egg donation. 

The laws in Florida make the processes of surrogacy and egg donation affordable and less prone to legal difficulties. Only a handful of states, and even fewer countries in Europe and around the world, have laws allowing surrogacy or egg donation. In fact, many states and countries worldwide ban these practices altogether.   

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Why Florida?

Florida has some of the most comprehensive and progressive laws existing today that protect the baby, the intended parents, the egg donor and the surrogate herself.

Unlike the few states that permit surrogacy, no fee or compensation may be paid to the surrogate. This can save the intended parents tens of thousands of dollars!  Expenses, including reasonable living expenses are given to the genetic surrogate regardless of the final pregnancy outcome.

If you would like additional information regarding the Florida statutes, please press here.

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Summary Comments:

Florida is one of the best places in the world for making the dream of family a reality. The existing statutes that protect all parties involved in surrogacy and egg donation processes combined with the pleasantries of a vacationersí paradise, itís no wonder Florida is rapidly becoming the desired location for surrogacy and egg donation procedures.

If you would like to learn more about the legal aspects of surrogacy or egg donation as they may pertain to you, It is encouraged that you to consider legal consultation. There are only a handful of attorneys acquainted with the laws and procedures specific to surrogacy and egg donation in Florida. The law firm, Harold S. Eskin, P.A., has worked in this field of law since 1994, when Dr. Sweet developed the first egg donation and surrogacy program in Southwest Florida.

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